10-Day Positivity Challenge

Don't we all need some boost of motivation and positivity right now? Join me on a Free 10-day Positivity Challenge!


Join our 10-day Positivity Challenge

Yes, life is a big test. Yet, life is not supposed to be a miserable experience. Our challenges are here to teach us something, help us grow, and lead us on our Straight Path.

It is up to us to find the beauty hidden among the wracks and debris of our lives and to learn to walk even when it seems dark and gloomy. As we keep taking steps forward, we’ll start seeing the light again. I’ve been there, I’ve learned to keep walking in the dark… I’ve learned to trust and “Just keep swimming” like little Dori in Finding Nemo… Just Keep Swimming despite the challenging times. We are meant to enjoy the ride with all its bumps and troughs… we are meant to find happiness amidst the rubbles… Happiness in honouring the struggle and staying curious about the endless possibilities it is bringing… Happiness is finding excitement on every corner and joy in every lesson… Happiness in learning and growing… in serving… happiness in connecting…

Join our Positivity Challenge today and let’s dig deeper into our lives and our hearts to find grace, joy and happiness…

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