8 Week Healing Body & Soul Private Coaching!

Get Your Personalized Roadmap to Health, Happiness & Success


Are you ready to bring back joy, happiness and health into your life? Are you ready to finally live with meaning and passion… to finally feel alive … excited and energized?

On the outside, your life may look great, you may have achieved many successes, had a college degree, climbed the corporate ladder, or raised great kids and nurtured a nice family… you should be happy… but you’re not…

Inside, there is something terribly missing…
You are tired… you are laughing less than you used to…
You’re constantly running, rushing and speeding that you forgot how to slow down and breathe… Your body is aching and complaining with overweight, depression, hormonal issues or autoimmune...

It’s time to move forward… it is time to remember this sweet old dream you placed on the shelf years ago and allowed it to disappear under a pile of dust.

It’s time to find clarity… to release the blocks on your path that kept you unhappy, unfulfilled and stuck for so long…

It’s time to focus on your health, on your happiness and on what truly matters… on YOU!

Besides Healing Your Heart & Soul, The Program will also Help You Heal Your Body...

The program will take you through a full Health Restoration protocol which I call the 5 R:

  1. Remove toxic foods & emotions 
  2. Replenish missing nutrients & feelings 
  3. Re-populate a healthy gut flora & healthy mindset
  4. Repair wounded metabolism & wounded soul
  5. Re-establish healthy lifestyle & healthy routine

In the same time we will work on your emotions/ spiritual life, mental patterns and beliefs and your plans for the next phase of your life.

Healing Body & Soul Consultation is truly life changing and it is 100% customized to your personal needs as Amira Ayad will personally walk you through the process step by step during your consultations.

The 5 R's Protocol is a TOTAL HEALTH RESTORATION Program

By going through the program you will be reducing inflammation, relieving brain fog, balancing your blood sugar level, managing your weight, dealing with stress, boosting your energy... These are just few of the benefits I get from 100s of clients and students who followed the protocol.

Please DO NOT proceed with payment until you CONTACT Amira Ayad personnally and confirmed timing and schedule availability. You can contact her HERE

Private 6 consultation sessions with Your Trusted Natural Health Consultant Dr. Amira Ayad. You can use your sessions within 8 Weeks period. In addition, during those 8 weeks, you will have priority access to Amira Ayad through email, phone and text messages to ensure you are fully supported and have all your questions answered.

Heal Your Body, Mind, Heart & Soul:

  • In depth assessment of your health history and root cause of your physical, emotional and/or spiritual concerns.
  • Individualized nutrition and lifestyle protocol if required.
  • Discussion of needed lifestyle changes including exercise, sleep and rest, emotional support, stress management, and spiritual approaches. 
  • Emotional/ spiritual coaching to address the root cause of your health concern and suggested intervention.
  • Follow up and assessment of health and happiness progress and discussion of health, life &/or spiritual goals.

In your 8 week Private Healing Body & Soul consultation. you'll get:

  • 6 in person 1-on-1 sessions with Amira Ayad used within 8 weeks period. Our first session lasts at least 1 hr and follow up sessions last from 30 to 45 min.
  • Unlimited email support during the 8 week period. Ask anything, get support, motivation, follow up and accountability.
  • Individualized dietary, health and lifestyle protocol with specific suggestions, tools, techniques and action plans.
  • Loads of support, motivation, insights, love & care.


Healing Body & Soul Private consultation take place either in Alexandria Medical Clinic: 3025 Hurontario st., unit 105, Mississauga

Or, online via Skype. Skype contact will be sent to you upon registration. Make sure you have the required Internet connection and a working camera and audio for optimum results.


About Amira
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