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Listen to Your Body Whispers Before they turn into shouts & Screams

Body Whispers is about your thoughts, emotions, lifestyle, beliefs and actions and their relationship to health and illness. It challenges you to dig deeper into the root cause of your diseases & concerns; to explore the associated thought patterns, beliefs and behaviors; and then take positive steps towards self-healing.

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Learn about Energy & Organs Connection

Body Whispers Book takes you in a journey through learn about the seven energy centers (chakra) and the hormonal systems and body organs they affect. This is the energy map that will help you tune in to your Body Whispers and heed its subtle warnings.

Discover how to Restore Your Energy

you are going to dig deeper into the lifestyle, thought patterns and beliefs that affect each of your energy centers. You will also learn how to nurture your energy with simple lifestyle and perceptive adjustments.

Try foods That Heal Your Energy

It will introduce you to the foods that support your energy centres and hormonal system so you can feed your body and know how to nourish it whenever your energy goes out of whack.


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